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About Us

       Hudson Hollar Ranch has carefully tailored our breeding program to concentrate on the Driftwood bloodline. We have some of the higest percentage Driftwood horses available today. Not only is it our goal to raise quality preformance horses, it is our goal to appeal to those breeders out there dedicated to preserving the amazing characterisics of the Driftwood blood.         

      While the Driftwood line is now getting thin, we are one of the few breeders scattered around the country attempting to carry it on. And when possible, the ropers still like to own the Driftwoods. Even today, a cowboy will occasionally comment that his top horse goes back to old Speedy. This usually means that he is well-mounted on a Driftwood bred horse.

      Today's barrel racers are finding the Driftwoods make excellent barrel horses. They have a natural rate to them and have a quick start out of the barrel. They are easy to train and can handle the pressures and stress of training and hauling.

      If you are looking for a preformance prospect, ranch or trail horse, Driftwood horses have proven themselves in and outside the arena.

     Hudson Hollar Ranch offers a blend of Driftwood genetics that include bloodlines from sires such as Wilywood, White Lighting Ike, Drifts Chip, MP Thriftwood, Cowboy Drift, Frostys War Chief, Setumup Speedy, Speedy II, Lone Drifter, Drifts Vaquero, Speedywood, Ciderwood, War Chief, Chipper Wood, War Concho, Easy Keeper, Orphan Drift, and Driftwood Ike.

    Our outcross genetics include Sun Frost (through "DINERO"-PC Frenchmans Hayday and PC Bronsin), Joe Hancock, and Lucky Blanton.




       Our mare lines of Driftwood come from Brown Beulah, Rosewood, Woodfern, Miss Linwood, Road Runner P,  Judy Sue,  Chilena, Nita H, and Wanda Marie. 


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